was originally formed
In 1982
In Santa Monica, California.
Founding Members included :
Motown / Paramount Recording Artist, Vocalist, and Drummer,
Tom Pasquini "
Berklee College of Music Graduate, Multi-Musician,
" Roy Berliner "
With the help of Our Now Longtime friends at
Hollywood Talent Agency's,  
" McConkey Artist's and Harmony Artist's "
Quickly became one of
Southern California's most in demand Rock Cover Band's.
As Reflected in our song list, We preform a Variety of Musical Styles.
Focusing on the Best of 70's and 80's Rock and Roll.
As Reflected in our Music Video, Our Bands Powerful Sound is
Driven by Strong Musicianship and Vocal Harmony's.
Our State of the Art Sound and Lighting Systems,
Just add to the Rock n' Roll experience.
Has a Commanding Stage Presence.
This is a reflection of our Band's many years on the road.
The Band has Toured Throughout the Mainland United States,
Western Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Europe,
The Orient and The Caribbean.
Has Worked Bookings With So Many
Hotel's, Club's, Casino's and Cruise Line's.
That it has become nearly impossible to list them all.
Here are some of our favorites :
Station Casino's, Red Lion, Marriott, Hilton, Double Tree, Hyatt Regency,
Sheraton, Boyd Gaming, Monte Carlo, Coast Casinos, Holland America,
And Many ... Many Others

In 1983
Went On Our Rookie Tour Preforming In Cities
Throughout Central Canada And The Western States via,
" The Richard Lutz Agency, Lincoln, Nebraska "

By 1984
Hooked up with Sly And The Family Stones
Sax Player, Songwriter, and All Around Mad Man,
"Jerry Martini "
And His Honolulu Based Musical Promotion Company,
" Grand Talent International "
This turned into a great 5 year run together.
During this time we were booked all over The Hawaiian Islands.
We Preformed several  U.S.O. and Pacific Air Force Base Tours.
Traveling Throughout Hawaii, Japan, Philippines. Etc.
We Were Booked for longer then a 6 Month Engagement at,  
The Red Lion, Waikiki "
Later that year, We Worked a 6 Week Contract at,
" The Hyatt Regency, Tokyo "

In early 1985
Was Preforming at Various Cities Throughout
Alaska and British Columbia, Canada.
Then in early summer that year,
The Band was back in Good Old, Warm, Waikiki.
Preforming Shows At The Sheraton's,
" Blue Water Café "
Later that year we were Booked at Hotel's in Kauai.
We ended the year on a Pacific Air Force Base Tour.
Preforming at Air Force Bases in Korea, Philippines, Hawaii, etc.
We learned alot about world history on this tour, loved it.

In 1986
Our Vocalist and Band Leader,  
"Tom Pasquini "
Signed with Beverly Hills Talent Management Firm,
" James Delynn and Associates "
Tom was then signed to a Personal Artist Agreement Contract with,
" Polydor / Polygram Records, New York "
Soon after,  Tom was Touring the Orient with Legendary Guitarist,
" Robin Trower "
(Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, etc.)
In support of his " Blues To Rock Tour ".
Great time's were coming our way.

In 1987
In Addition to preforming shows with,
Tom was also on the road with Famed Recording and Variety Artist,
" The Rita Coolidge Band "  
Preforming Shows At Cities in Hawaii, Japan, Korea and Guam.

In 1989
Signed With Insane English Promoter,
"  Michael Cottingham "
And His Taipei, Taiwan based music association,
" Triangle Productions "
This Gig Elevated  Motif  To Dangerously New Levels.
Playing at Huge University Concert's and Corporate Event's.
Not to mention Packed Nightclubs Full of Wild, Crazed,
Young Taiwanese Folks. I Mean it, It Was Nuts.
We've got alot of stories from this.

In 1990 and 1991
Was Recording and Preforming with,
" Neil Norman "
And His Family's, Long Time Hollywood Based Record Company,
" Crescendo Records "
(Artists: John Lee Hooker, Van Morrison, Robin Trower, etc.).
Also During this time,
" Tom Pasquini "
Preformed Several Shows with Iconic New York Session Drummer,
" Hal Blaine "
(Simon and Garfunkel, John Denver, The Carpenters, The Monkee's, etc.)
What a fantastic time it was.

In 1992 - 1993
Joined Forces with Guitarist / Songwriter / Multi-Musician / Vocalist,
" Michael L. Phillips "
We Recorded and Released Our First All Original Music Album,
" Gotta Rock n Roll Tonight "
We Also Celebrated The Recent Opening Of
Our L.A. Based Recording Studio and Sound Company's,
Motif Productions Studio and Motif Pro Sound Rentals

In 1994
Was Rockin On The Road Again With,
" Armed Forces Entertainment "
We Preformed Shows at Several East Coast Bases.
We finished up the tour with 5 weeks at,
Thule A.F.B. , Greenland ".
Yes, That's The North Pole, for 5 weeks.
We Love Preforming For Our Troops.
Just Another Fun Filled Adventure!

In 1995
Was on Tour Again With D.O.D. / U.S.O. Overseas Entertainment.
We Preformed At Various Clubs And Showrooms Across Europe.
(Iceland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, etc.)
Had a stop over in Amsterdam, Rather not talk about it!

During the 90's
Was busy Preforming at Various
Southern California Hotel's, Club's and Resorts.
The Band was also booking shows at several
Spring Break And Summer Resort Venue's along The Colorado River.
(Lake Havasu, Parker, Laughlin, etc. )
Yes, It Was Like A Scene Out Of Girls Gone Wild!
Life is rough but someone's got to do it.
As the 90's went on, The Band had began booking more and more
Shows and Events in the Las Vegas Area.

In 1999
Decided to go where the action is, Las Vegas, Nevada.
We Relocated The Band and the Sound Production Company.
For The Millennium New Years Eve Super Party,   
The Band was Preforming on the Las Vegas Strip at the,
Fabulous Stardust Hotel And Casino "
in the World Famous,
" Starlight Lounge "  
Wayne Newton was in the building! Gotta Love This Town!
We have been Preforming at Hotel's, Casino's and Nightclub's
in Las Vegas and the Surrounding Area Ever Since.

In 2002
Headlined at Selected Shows in the Southern Caribbean with,
" Holland America and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "
As well as other engagements within Nevada, Arizona and California.

From 2003 - 2004
Tom Pasquini Completed and Released an All Original Music C.D.
With Popular Las Vegas Original Rock Band,
" Aftershock "
The Band also Preformed Several Shows and Concerts
in support of the release.

From 2002 - Current
In addition to preforming shows with
Vocalist Tom Pasquini
Has Been Preforming Shows, Concerts,
and Events with Several  Popular Las Vegas Entertainers Including :
Dave Coady, Strange Brew, John Encinio, Long Train, Kenny Loggins,
Shake, Rattle and Roll, Sheena Easton, Joe Walsh, Crystal Ship,
The Blues Storm, Heavy Red, Common Ground  & Many, Many Others.
And also the highly Successful AC/DC Tribute Band,
We are also proud of the continuing success of,
Providing Musical Services To Industry Professionals For Many Years.

And there it is, My Life, and Our Band Biography, So Far.
The Highly Condensed Version.
What a long strange trip its been................
And The
 Motif   saga continues................
Motif  Our History in Rock